Responsible Purchasing Policy

PSB INDUSTRIES’ Purchasing Department is engaged in a corporate social responsibility process. Deploying a responsible purchasing policy consists of reconsidering the actual act of purchasing, reviewing our needs incorporating environmental and social criteria, and life cycle and global cost principles within our purchasing processes.

Because building long-term relationships with our suppliers is essential for us, and also because we are concerned with principles of equity, solidarity and social development with them, we have decided to establish a Responsible Purchasing Policy and we will be committed to respecting it.

In order to encourage our providers to work in partnership with us on a joint progress project, PSB INDUSTRIES invites its suppliers to join the Group in this commitment by signing our Responsible Purchasing Policy.

In doing so, suppliers are expected to apply and to act in compliance with these principles all along their supply chain, worldwide, bringing together the best practices of their profession.

PSB INDUSTRIES Group also recommends that its partners should share this policy with their own sub-contractors.