Products Innovation

TEXEN's Innovation

TEXEN and MORPHOTONIX work together to create a holographic design for luxury domain packaging

Because partnership is the key to success, Texen, the Luxury & Beauty pole of PSB Industries, has been hard at work with Morphotonix, a nano-technology start-up from Lausanne. Together, they illustrate the different possibilities offered by the technology of surface nano-patterning developed by the Swiss company.  New applications in the Luxury domain were exhibited during the Luxepack trade show in October 2015 in Monaco.

This technology enables motifs of unparalleled delicacy and resolution. The embedded images can be used effectively in the fight against counterfeiting due to their discrete and uncopiable nature. Texen, though, is more interested in the beauty of the unique designs, right out of the plastic injection molding, that bring dazzling differentiation to packaging. The surface nano-patterning uses light diffraction to create a “holographic” design whose “Wow” effect is obtained without any post-processing step or extra decoration (no films, no markings, etc…)

This is not the two companies’ first collaboration. They presented their first results, a well-received cosmetic case, at LuxePack 2014.

Texen is a partner of the Materiautech® network (Allizé Plasturgie Group), which has as a mission the valorization of innovation in the field of plastics. The innovation unit Texen Lab, together with Materiautech®, has developed a specific tool in the shape of the Gem®, meant to present all the innovations of the Texen group. This tool will be available through the European network of Materiautech®.

We guarantee that this first Gem®, enriched with the Morphotonix technology, will be just the start of a long series of innovative Texen Gems® !


CGL Pack's Innovation

CLEARSEAL®: an alternative to PS or PP/EVOH/PE multilayered thermoformed containers

CGL Pack has developed an rPET-based mono material which offers its food industry customers a safe solution for improving the sealing of thermoformed containers whilst at the same time providing a solution with less environmental impact. A standard Clearseal® range of more than 20 references is now available.


The solution provides triple benefits:


1)     Clearseal® enables far more secure sealing than standard PET solutions, whatever kind of lid is required to be sealed and even when subject to difficult conditions involving grease. It provides an excellent barrier for water and oxygen.


2)     Clearseal® offers manufacturers gains in productivity since they can reduce their container sealing time by half compared to the use of standard PET.


3)     Finally, Clearseal® provides the benefit of an environmental impact reduced by half in comparison with the traditional PS/EVOH/PE containers available in the market à Clearseal®’s single-material dimension allows it to be fully integrated in terms of household waste recycling (yellow dustbin) and for still further environmental progress, the product can incorporate a proportion of recycled PET thereby drastically reducing the solution’s environmental impact.


 CGL Pack received the  Oscar for the packaging 2016 for the Clearseal® solution.