Having long been backed by committed industrial shareholders, we enhanced the governance of PSB Industries even further by creating official committees (Strategic, Audit, Nomination and Compensation) and cross-functional working groups within the operational structure. This has enabled us to bolster our position and serenely prepare for the future.

The Board of Directors has made a change in the Group’s governance with effect from 27 July 2017. After 5 years as CEO of PSB Industries, Olivier Salaun leaves the Group and François-Xavier Entremont has been appointed CEO of PSB Industries


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee created at the end of 2012 is composed of our Business Units'Presidents as well as our HR and Financial Director. The Excom is headed by François-Xavier Entremont since july 2017.


Rémi Weidenmann
Chief Financial Officer
François-Xavier Entremont
President and CEO of PSB INDUSTRIES
Benoît Grenot
Managing Director of the Specialty Chemicals Business Unit (BAIKOWSKI)
Thierry Van Twembeke
Managing Director of the Healthcare & Industry Business Unit (PLASTIBELL)
<b>Ludovic Anceau</b><br />Managing Director of the Luxury & Beauty Business Unit (TEXEN)
Ludovic Anceau
Managing Director of the Luxury & Beauty Business Unit (TEXEN)