Anticipating future market trends and responding to customers’ expectations

PSB Industries, via its 2 brands, strives continuously to anticipate and understand its customers’ challenges so as to provide the best support for their developments. For the Group, innovation has three focuses:



-          Innovation in product development,

-          Innovation with regard to industrial processes,

-          Innovation in terms of our business model.


Organising and sharing expertise

Within our Group, each of our 2 brands has the support of a specific Innovation unit combining complementary technical and marketing competencies. Each unit possesses the laboratories and fab labs required for the development of their projects.

With a view to synergies, the pooling of expertise and the conduct of joint projects between the brands are encouraged.

Adopting an approach of Open Innovation

With around 20 persons dedicated to innovation, our business units equally have access to an innovation network (including customers, research laboratories, industrial partners, start-ups etc.) enabling them to combine competencies and accelerate the pace of their developments.

Innovation TEXEN Lab
Innovation (BAIKOWSKI)
Innovation (CGL PACK)