Human resources

Human Ressources Direction

Staying agile

The mission of Human Resources at PSB INDUSTRIES may surprise you: uphold our group’s global ambitions while keeping business on a human scales, promoting teamwork and maintaining our entrepreneurial spirit. It’s an exciting challenge! With you, we draw on “industrial imagination” to succeed. Building excellence and asserting our difference—that’s how we see growth.


Being proud of inventing the solutions of tomorrow

Our three business units—Luxury & Beauty, Specialty Chemicals, Health & Industry—use ingenuity and creativity to satisfy our customers. The skills and talents of our teams stand behind our innovative solutions and our achievements.

If you’re an open-minded, autonomous professional who loves a challenge and has a lot to give, you may be a perfect candidate to join our teams of experienced managers, engineers, or technicians.


Letting your talent shine

Women and men central to our Ambition 2020 strategic plan. With the agility required by a unique shared project and the strength of our Human Resources, you will shape your career, be it local or international. Our goal is to empower you, fostering accountability and commitment in order to keep our company cohesive and our partners happy. Our HR policy bets on integration, skill development, training, support, and of course safety.


Join us!

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