The last few years at PSB INDUSTRIES have been marked by rapid growth and development. To meet today’s challenges, and those of tomorrow, we must continue to focus all our energy in order to innovate and satisfy our customers. To achieve that we need each and every one of you to feel motivated and valued. 

In this context, and because success depends first and foremost on the women and men within the Group, we have developed an internal engagement survey, PULSE 2020.

This survey was conducted in november 2015. It reveals a deep attachment of all our employees to the company. See below. 


The environment is a key concern for PSB INDUSTRIES. Each of the three business units has an HSE manager (Health, Safety, Environment) and our commitment goes well beyond the legal requirements. The group strives to limit its environmental impact wherever possible. Here are some concrete examples of our efforts:

In Custom Packaging
> CGL Pack continues working toward carbon-free growth,
reducing its footprint by 15% since 2009. 

> We invested in a cutting-edge extruder
to be able to process flakes (recycled bottle chips)
directly into thermoformed sheets.

In Specialty Chemicals
Gas consumption reduced by 10% at the
Annecy facility trough optimization of several
industrial procedures.

Carbon balance carried out on Alun.


In Beauty Packaging

> We opted for electric (rather than hydraulic) injection molding machines to significantly reduce energy consumption. 
Recycling of up to 40% of sprues.

Employee training and safety are of the utmost importance at PSB Industries: